Wednesday, January 11, 2012

On Topic: Rain Boots

Today I went to the mall and I picked myself up some Burberry rain boots.  I've been wanting a pair of rain boots for awhile, but couldn't decide on the kind I wanted. Hunter Vs Burberry. I obviously went for the Burberry ones because the Hunter ones I liked were only 40$ less than the Burberry ones. The boots I purchased are beautiful with a ridding style kind of look. They have a large leather strap that wraps around the upper part of the boot and hangs down the side. The Inside is lined with plaid canvas and there's a leather insole for extra comfort. I ended up purchasing them in a size 8US, but tried on a 9 as well because usually I'm an 8.5.  I never wear heavy socks so the 8 felt like a better fit. All in all I'm pretty impressed with these boots so far even though they are kind of difficult to get off, but after wear I feel like this will become easier.

Heres some of my favorite rain boot styles, enjoy :) The first pair are the ones I purchased today!

I really love how these boots look like leather in person. The strap around the top give them a little something extra. $295

Again these Burberry boots have leather around the top with buckles, making them much more than just rain boots. $395

These burberry boots have a large leather brown band around the top, which is right on trend right now. 
The basic, original Hunter boots. Basic and Beautiful. $125

The Hunter regent Carlyle boots were the other boots I was trying to choose from. I really like the Hunter Crest on the side to give them a more 'royal' look. $260

These ones are Hunter Boots by Jimmy Choo. I really like the Crocodile Print to give them a fashionable, edgy kind of look. 

It was really funny when I bought my boots because the lady at the Burberry store gave me a gigantic bag and it looked like I bought a whole lot. When I got home my boyfriend was already at my place studying for his exams next week. (He's in school to be a chiropractor) When I walked in, he was like "What did you buy now, a trench coat?"  Um no.., but good idea! Maybe next time haha :)

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