Thursday, January 12, 2012

Condo Inspiration

Lately I have been saving pictures of home decor inspiration since my boyfriend and I bought a condo late last year. We wont be getting the condo until this fall at the earliest. I'm hoping they are right on schedule and have the building completed when they say they should be finished. In about 4 months we get to meet with the interior designer to pick out our finishes. I really love the idea of white marble in the kitchen, but this seems less than practical since I like to cook (especially Italian) and will ruin it. Granite comes standard for our condo, so Im thinking maybe Ill get black counters with white cupboards.. or even grey counters. I want my condo to be minimalists and simple.. monochromatic, with pops of color in the accessories. I love very fashion forward Interiors. I also want hardwood in the kitchen, very dark hardwood, which will be present throughout the whole condo. White or grey walls are my first choice for paint with a very regal looking wainscoting in the living room continuing down the hall towards the bedroom and den.

Here are some of the pictures I have saved of Interior Inspiration :) FYI None of these pictures belong to me.

Click On the images to make them larger :)

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