Tuesday, January 3, 2012

December 2011 Purchases

Equipment Blouse- Signature In Nude Satin/Silk $235

Equipment Deans List Blouse In Peacoat $187

Equipment Signature Blouse in Medieval Blue $235

J Crew Hacking Jacket $266 (On Sale)

Michael Michael Kors Jessie Boots $137 (On Sale)

Soo Originally I was going to take pictures of the clothing I had gotten, but the pictures just didn't turn out. These are all the items I purchased myself during The Christmas Season, plus two pairs of skinny jeans from Levis, In black and a dark wash blue. The J Crew Blazer was actually a gift from my amazing boyfriend :) Its a beautiful thick wool blazer that looks very expensive and of good quality. I fell in love with this jacket right away when I saw it,  so my boyfriend snuck off while my sister and I were in Holt Renfrew and went and got it for me. How great is he? :) lol

The Equipment Blouses are a staple in my wardrobe. I wear them all the time mixing them with blazers, jackets and wearing them just on there own. I already own a few of them and couldn't resist when the satin/silk one i'd been eyeing went on sale! I feel like every fashion lover should have atleast 2 of them hanging in there closet. They are a true classic and sooo soft!

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