Thursday, November 10, 2011

Favorite Look Of the Day 11/10/11

Getting the Job of my Dreams

Sooo I've been working the same job for about 2 and half years now and I really love it. My fellow servers, environment and management are nothing short of amazing, but I'm getting to the point now where I just want something more. I want to work in the fashion industry doing what I love. I'm extremely passionate about fashion and beauty and obsess about it day and night.  I'm constantly looking through fashion blogs, checking out and, reading my favorite fashion magazines, shopping constantly online to see the latest styles and watching fashion television to hear the latest about the industry. I've always been passionate about fashion every since I was a little kid. I can remember saving all my birthday and christmas money and going on a shopping spree and spending ever last cent! (It was my favorite thing to do all year!!). When I moved to Toronto to go to School for Makeup Art and SPFX my passion soon turned into an obsession! Everything here is at my finger tips and I'm constantly inspired by people I see on the street and what I see all around me. Inspiration is everywhere you just have to look for it!

So I have a question for anyone that is reading that can relate in some way.. How did you get yourself into the industry? What is the best way to set myself up for success? Let me know anything you think would help!

Thanks everyone!