Monday, January 16, 2012

Just a Little Something Ive Been Thinking About Lately

     Coco Chanel always said "Before you leave your house each day, take off one accessory that you have put on" or some variation of this -( I have looked for the exact quote, but just can't find it). Basically this quote states that less is more. Personally my style is very minimalistic. I don't like to adorn myself with crazy accessories and clothing. I feel that your own personal beauty should stand above everything else. If someone is seeing your accessories and not you first, theres a problem.

      Sometimes when I'm ridding the subway I see some of the craziest dressed people and wonder, "Did you get dressed and do your makeup in the dark this morning?" I have seen all kinds living in Toronto and it never seizes to amaze me. The other day I was taking the subway with my sister back from the mall and two young girls, probably around the age of 18 trotted on. Me and my sister, without saying anything to one another both turned and looked at these girls. These two young woman were not only wearing the tackiest jackets I have ever seen, but the one girls hair looked like it was glowing with grease. Now my question here is "Do you think you look good and why would you ever leave the house with your hair like that?" I feel the way you dress and do your makeup/hair is how the world is going to perceive you.
(you portray the image you want people to see and think of you) If you dress your self nice and classy, the world will perceive you as a classy woman with a good sense of self and style- even if the classy part isn't true. My point here is that at first glance, I did not think that these two young girls were of the classiest kind. They may be very nice people, who knows, but the image they are portraying the world is not to that effect.

     Now some may say "You can't always judge a book by its cover" and this is very true, but unfortunately we live in world that is based a lot upon image. Your image can be the main reason why you don't get a job, get a job, someone may be afraid of you, or why someone may think a certain way about you. Soo if your applying for a professional job, dress professional- Let your outer meet your inner beauty, but never let your own personal style fade! It's important to be an individual while dressing the best you can!

      My boyfriend is a good example of this. He's an amazing guy with a great personality, super smart and has a lot going for him, but he just doesn't care about the way he looks half the time. He wears ripped jeans that have ripped not because they have came that way, but because of over wear... and it shows.  He also insists on wearing the ugliest sneakers I have ever seen. They look like he's preparing for the next mission to the moon.  He also doesn't care if his tops have holes in them and it doesn't matter how much i nag him he will not change his ways. With me being someone that loves fashion and really takes pride in the way I present myself it drives me crazy! haha I hope eventually he will take the extra time to always make sure he's presentable :)

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