Sunday, January 29, 2012

Gift Show & Home Decor

     Today was such a really long day as I went to the International Trade Show with my mother. For those of you who aren't familiar with what this is, its a huge display of different vendors selling this seasons goods to business owners. It isn't open to the public and you have to be invited or sign up with an existing business name to attend. My mom has her own gift store and we now have been going to this show for years. For the most part I find it to be such a mix mash of stuff I personally would never think to buy. Tacky plaques to stick on your walls, lawn ornaments, jewelry, scarfs, teddy bears, candles, food.. pretty much anything you can imagine is at this show. What I do love about these shows however, is the home decor. The one hall is pretty much all home decor, filled with the newest trends and looks that haven't hit shelfs yet ( and all at cost- its pretty amazing how cheap these things are before the mark up!) What I saw today was pretty much an array of black and white accents and furniture with some soft greens, blues, grays and taupe mixed in. Lots of porcelain like figurines, white and natural wood dressers, tables and fire place mantles and of course I spotted the amazing ghost chair too many times to count. There is still a very strong Parisian influence happening, but definitely in a more minimal way... there was a lot less of the fufu, covered in flowers and painted in pastel types of decor. Everything I saw seemed to be minimal and monochromatic, just how I like it :) I'm sure however if you wanted something a little more colorful it wouldn't be hard to find either.. There was something there for everyones taste.

I saw porcelain owls everywhere and not only owls, but a lot of birds just in general.  There was a lot of deer related decor still as well. Antlers, porcelain deer heads and everything of that sort was on display everywhere.

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